Friday, January 05, 2007

Walk Two Hundred and Fifty-Five – Coat of many colours

Xavier brightened up the otherwise dull day, in this lovely coat that was given to him about a year ago. This is one of those items of clothing that I’m sure will always remind me of Xavier’s toddlerhood, much like a little knitted waistcoat that I’ll always associate with Tom when he was a little chubby chap tending to his woodlouse farm at the bottom of the garden.

En route to the bluebell wood we bumped into a fellow dog-walker, Tim, who I had last exchanged words with about the same time four years ago just before I was about to go into hospital to have Xavier. It turns out Tim is also a self-employed graphic designer and I was extolling the joys of daily sketching and blogging to him, however I think I probably put him off when I said how low my tax bill was this year! The walk took a long time because with Xavier we had to explore every little bit of the woods. We ran up and down the ‘dip’. We sat astride the big ‘horse’ and the little ‘horse’. We found a rather magnificent log and leaf-covered shelter that had been built by the scouts so we went inside for Xavier to make me cups of tea and pasta and pesto. We finally clambered over fallen trees that made the ‘climbing frame’ in the ‘garden’ of our house in the woods.


Blogger Penny said...

Sounds like a lovely slow and productive walk, at least from Xaviers point of view. Love the coat of many colours, certainly would brighten any day.
Drizzling again tonight.

10:25 am  
Blogger bananarobin said...

I'm interested to hear you've been telling others about the tax bill. I can only assume it's practice for telling me. I'm delighted you've found this creative outlet. I can live with being a blogging bachelor, but not a bankrupt one!

2:19 pm  
Blogger Alison said...

What a lovely outing - and so nice to have it recorded like this. Tor used to have a shirt like this - he managed to wear it from age 3 to 9, partly by not growing very much.

12:23 am  
Anonymous Tim said...

I promised to check out the blog and I'm so pleased I did. It's fab. I'll visit as often as I can remember.
Tim - Fellow dog walker.

10:34 pm  

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