Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Walk Two Hundred and Fifty-Three – Shop Repair

Work has started today on the repairs to the village shop*. I stood on the side of the road and quickly documented this before going up the hill to beyond the Bluebell Wood and back. Sadly the day work calls so little time to indulge in painting, drawing and blogging.
* See this post if you want to know why it needs repairing.

295mm x 180mm ink and water in cartridge sketchbook


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Julie. Keep your eyes peeled for our feathered friends. I've found another post of yours (walk 37) which has a definate ornithological bent...! I'll leave you with a passage I've found about Jackdaws from 'Birds Britannica'; 'Today the Jackdaw has a generally positive image and until recently was valued as an amusing pet; I had a Jackdaw when I was a schoolboy and used to sit quietly doing my homework in the evening with the bird on my shoulder. After a while Jackie would become bored and it would lean forward and face me with its beak only millimetres from my eye. Its game was to catch my eyelid as I blinked, which it did very successfully - in mid blink - holding my lid for just a second before repeating the action. I was banished to my room by my distraught mother who did not want to witness the blinding of her strange child' (!)
Cheerio Tom
PS Not the emailing Tom BTW

8:47 pm  
Anonymous rachel said...

I hope they manage to replace Rufus' pitching post.

4:04 am  

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