Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Walk One Hundred and Sixty-one – Two for the price of one

You were going to just get this quick rendition of the relatively new woodland planted around the perimeter of the park, however as I walked up the hill of the grassland in the centre, the windblown clouds with their long tails off to the right looked so lovely I had to stop to render them – even if all it does is to imprint them on my own visual memory bank. Which reminds me there was a fascinating interview on BBC radio 4 the other day with blind artist, Sargy Mann. He had been able to see but over time his sight became worse and worse until he eventually became totally blind. He has a new exhibition of his most recent paintings (created after his sight went completely). However what really touched me was his response when the interviewer asked whether he thought that life had been particularly unfair inflicting blindness on him – a visual artist. He replied that although losing one’s sight was a terrible thing, he felt that it was preferable for someone like him to lose his eyesight as with all the years of fully using his eyesight, he had a huge store of visual memories that he could call upon, which a non-artist would not have.


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What you can do with just a few different sorts of marks! :)

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