Thursday, June 29, 2006

Walk Sixty-six – Not quite a Nash terrace


This is the smaller inner crescent of formerly council-owned houses off House Lane. I’ve always thought that the council-employed planner and architect did a pretty good job here. The curve of the two concentric crescents makes for a very sociable looking environment and the story book style roofs (or is that rooves?) give the houses a rather attractive distinctiveness. The lines were drawn very quickly on the hoof (about ten minutes) and the colour and scanning was done in a much more leisurely way later.


Blogger Alison said...

It does look to be a cheerful, spacious development - the monotone is very effective - I must give it a go.

1:02 pm  
Blogger Sue said...

What a talent you have for the quick sketch. I keep meaning to go WAY back to the beginning of your walking blog to look at a certain tree that I adored of yours. Not now, never right now, (why is it that we always have to be somewhere else?) DH and I are heading up the mountain to spend the night overlooking the most amazing view halfway to the stars with no lights to fight for attention. By the by I have been on my bike and have produced a w/c sketch on the fly to post all that remains is the posting but again, later for that!

9:40 pm  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

Alison, sometimes I really feel like using just one or two colours. Sue half-way up a mountain without light pollution sounds wonderful.

11:25 pm  

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