Friday, June 23, 2006

Walk Sixty – Lyndon Mead


This is probably where I’ll end up when I’m past being able to look after myself. The village now has a choice of two retirement homes as a big new home has been built on the edge of the village, but I just think I’d be too embarrassed to say I lived in a place called ‘Tara‘s Retreat’, to even consider the other one. In any case this one is situated in the middle of all the action, behind the church, close to the village shop and very near to the Queen’s Head and the Ro e and C own (I’m sticking to this name for the pub until they fix the signage on the front!).


Blogger Hashi said...

And very lovely it looks. Will you get that room with the little windo under the roof? (Is that called a dormer window?)

12:15 am  
Blogger Alison said...

I think all the dotty artists go up in that tower on the left - you'll need a rope ladder so you can escape from time to time.

1:33 pm  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

hashi the window on the right is a dormer window and the little tower arrangement is I think what they call a belvedere. I am a complete sucker for belvederes. I would sell my mother for a belvedere - I'd probably sell her for a lot less than a belvedere (oops the wine is talking now!)
alison you've spotted my favourite bit - I used to have some student friends that had a room sized belvedere at the top of the large Victorian house that they rented and I would be putty in the hands of any estate agent who attempted to sell me a house with a belvedere

10:44 pm  

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