Saturday, June 17, 2006

Walk Fifty-four – Three minute drawing

Lots of walking and drawing today around St Albans, however in addition, when I eventually got back home I did the ‘minimum’ mile walk around Langley woods. This is the view fom Pound Farm at the bottom of the hill looking up the track. I really want to try to learn how to draw well but in a very short space of time – much of the time I’m far too slow. I also did a few sketches of the two hot air ballooons, that went past. I’ll post the rest of the pictures on this blog and my other blog when I feel less exhausted. Good night!


Blogger Penny said...

Julie I really like the feel of this sketch. I know what you mean about sketching quickly, someone said doesnt that break into your walk and I guess it does, but I am now looking for so many different things. Must tackle clouds.

12:46 am  
Blogger Alison said...

Well, this is quite sufficient to get the feel of the land, the weather, the abscence of people - it's very handy to ba able to sketch quickly - on my list for later.

12:55 pm  
Blogger argos said...

I just found you. Recently began blogging and posting daily art as well, as I draw or paint every day too. I look forward to following you around a place I've never been.

2:15 pm  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

Penny and Alison, don't you think some people really seem to be able to capture the essence of what they're drawing in so few lines and so little time. I suppose practice, practice.
Argos welcome to the wonderful world of blogging - it's a very enjoyable, highly unproftable addiction.

10:54 am  
Blogger Karen said...

Slow you maybe but such a talented artist. I'm just beginning to learn how to draw, you have no idea how envious of your skills I am. (not meant in a nasty way!)

12:28 pm  

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