Saturday, May 20, 2006

Walk Twenty-six – My little angel

pushchair and xavier

After the last attempt at walking and drawing with Xavier I played safe and took only a pencil and sketchbook. He's a robust, energetic little chap but I do try to get him to stay sitting in the pushchair until I've walked at least a mile so that I get at least a little bit of brisk walking in. These pushchairs are bloody marvellous. They weren't available when my older children were little so a brisk countryside walk was impossible in those days.


Blogger Alison said...

I wish they would make similar contraptions for adults - get wheel chairs out of the dark ages - pushing my mother, who is very light, is such an effort. Xavier's horns are very fetching.I loved your blogger's bum promotion on your other blog.

1:27 pm  
Blogger Katherine said...

Tell Xavier that we wouldn't mind seeing one of his drawings of Mummy sometime.

If your weather is like my weather you have my sympathy today (Sunday)!

3:43 pm  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

I had a look at all terrain wheel chairs on gooogle. They all seem to be American and VERY expensive.
Katherine yes, the weather's been blooming awful hasn't it?

9:04 pm  

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