Saturday, May 13, 2006

Walk Nineteen - Coleman’s Green Lane

After a long exhausting day (sole charge of Xavier due to the others sailing with Sea Cadets, market and weekly shop and cooking enough cassoulet to feed a normal family about five meals) I set off for my walk at about 7:30 this evening. After starting my drawing on the left hand page, the rain that has been threatening to fall all day began to plop great fat raindrops onto my moleskine (they may not take watercolour very well but this could prove to be an advantage for this project). I hurriedly finished the drawing and rushed home through the downpour to arrive home drenched to the skin. I’m now showered, pajama’d and ready to flop. Night, night.


Blogger Alison said...

Your series of landscapes make it seem as if there's hardly a soul in England - they are lovely.
After 12 years, I have finally retired from our sea scout committee. Finnian is an accomplished sailor - she has cruised Fiji, competed in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race and spent many days on various tall ships and she's not yet 21. Nothing like messing about in boats or with a tray of watercolours, I must now add!

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