Sunday, May 07, 2006

Walk Thirteen – Group Art

The same walk as yesterday, but accompanied by our friends. We were all stuffed with good food and needed to get some exercise. I gave everyone a postcard and a collection of felt-tip pens and asked them to respond to the woods with a picture and a word. Robin and Xavier disappeared before I was able to give them their drawing implements, but these are by me, Hugo, Adam, Louise, Tom, Guy, Flo, Jenny, Oliver, Jodie, Steve and Tavy. I don’t remember seeing a penguin in the woods, but who am I to question someone else’s vision, especially as I am the most myopic person in all three families.


Blogger Alison said...

What a great idea - looks like you had reasonable weather, and the penguin - perfectly possible. I saw a ferret pop its head out of someone's bag at Heathrow once. I'm still struggling with uploading pictures - I now think it's my computer - something to do with cookies maybe - must wait for my menfolk to come home.

7:41 am  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

The weather was great. Just before the guests arrived I was still undecided about how to feed people round our too small dining table "shifts? children then adults?" Then like manna from heaven the sun shone out with such brilliance and warmth that we were able to move the dining table into the garden and hook up with the garden furniture and all eat together.

9:06 am  
Blogger Shelly McC said...

Love it! What a sterling idea! I must give this a try!!

11:31 am  
Blogger Felicity said...

Super drawings! You must have had a great time. It's amazing to see the diversity of your posts every day. I don't doubt there really was a penquin in the woods. It reminds me of when my DS2 and his friend came running in from the garden in Kuwait and said they saw a rabbit. Nah, we said, it must have been a cat. Sure enough, looking out the window, we saw a rabbit! Same thing happened with a tortoise.

So it must have been a penquin!

11:36 am  
Blogger bananarobin said...

You didn't see Xavier and me as we went ahead, and then there was a penguin. Remarkably it was the same same height as the Xboi too.

1:11 pm  

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