Monday, April 09, 2007

Walk Three Hundred and Forty-Nine – Fields


A shopping trip for Flo today. Of course a seventeen year old girl can never have enough clothes, and she ended up with some very stylish outfits. However some of the clothes were so cheap compared to the cost of similar clothes ten or twenty years ago, you do wonder about who is losing out for us to be able to buy clothes at such a low price. Like most people my ethical conscience is directly related to my ability to afford it, so you can get a pretty good idea as to how healthy our family finances are, if you get free range or battery farmed chicken. But I do know that the poorer I’ve been, in most respects, the less I’ve had a negative impact on the planet and thus the more ‘ethical’ I’ve been. When I was a poor student I used to worry about the fact that I didn’t take the numerous empty wine bottles to the nearest bottle bank a couple of miles away – because I didn’t have a car! Oh it is all so complicated, but one thing I do know is that it makes me livid when the likes of Prince Charles tells us how to live a greener, more ethical lifestyle. Live the life, give up the Royal trains, cars and planes and then we might not think it so laughable when you deign to tell the rest of us what we should be doing to save the world.

Now what was it that set me off? Oh yes – cheap clothes. Anyway after our trip, a walk up to the bluebell wood with Hugo and Xavier on their bikes.
280mm x 195mm pen, ink and watercolour on Arches


Blogger wheatgerm said...

The landscape is something I wish were heer like spring

5:28 am  
Blogger Felicity said...

Lovely - I wonder how long this took you?

Hmm, that IS Charles' idea of making do, probably! We don't have a car now but it's not easy these days. We're lucky here to have such good public transport. It's a big con that we all want cheaper and cheaper stuff and that it justifies the exploitation of workers in other countries or, as I saw on TV recently, the destruction of the farming and agricultural industry in the UK. It's all about profits and the car manufactures won't go down easily when governments are hand in hand with them raking in the money.

9:48 am  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

Felicity, I think it took about twenty minutes (about the maximum time that Xavier can stick). Good public transport is such a help isn't it to be green

1:36 pm  

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