Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Walk Three Hundred and Sixteen – Evening sky

I couldn’t walk at lunch as Rufus had a vet’s appointment to check out an eye problem which was diagnosed as Horner’s syndrome. The vet said that it was very difficult to eliminate all the possible causes but he reckoned that in California they wouldn't let your pet leave without being subjected to a battery of expensive tests to find the cause and even then they wouldn't necessarily find it. However in the majority of cases the eye gets better on its own. So we both agreed the best thing was to leave it for a couple of weeks and see what happened.

I presume that even in the US, California is shorthand for batty indulgent behaviour by people with more money than sense. Years ago when we took Rufus to a dog therapist for a behaviour problem (he liked the ladies a bit too much), the therapist said that up north, where he came from, they thought that dog therapy was only for soft southerners, whereas over in California it was almost compulsory. So if there are any Californians reading, and you come over to England, you'll probably find you’ll feel most at home near to London surrounded by ’Soft Southerners’.

The usual Bluebell wood walk at about five in the evening – thank goodness the evenings are getting lighter.

195mm x 120mm pen and watercolour in large moleskine


Blogger Penny said...

Oh lovely damp and bits of fog and bare trees, what a gorgeous sketch.
Daylight saving doesnt finish until nearly the end of march here, used to be February but we have all these Festivals on so I get up in the dark and my inbuilt clock doesnt like it. the evenings are ok I suppose, just hotter early so watering what gets watered has to wait until later, eg dinner time!

9:07 pm  
Anonymous Lin said...

Julie -- your pen and washes make me absolutely drool!! GORGEOUS WORK!

10:51 pm  
Blogger Bill said...

Quite a charming sketch. What a lovely area you walk in. Mine is sidewalks and Southern California stucco homes!
What a mature style you've grown into. Yes, for me the sketchbook is the ticket--to progress and learning and an original style.
A student of mine just loves this sketch, so I pointed out some of the aspects you wisely included to make it sing.
Bill (wp3) member EDM

11:16 pm  
Blogger Alison said...

Beautiful - a real feel of damp English evening. It's amazing what treatments you can get for pets these days. I'm a bit put off having one as I think people might think me hard hearted for refusing many possibilities if my charge got seriously ill. Of course in relation to a particular animal, my thinking may well be different.

11:56 am  
Anonymous petescully said...

well, i'm a soft southerner living in soft northern california and i think i see what you mean.

i've been trying to sketch as the sun goes down lately and am finding it difficult. This is good stuff.

6:24 pm  
Blogger Lance said...

As a former Londoner now living in Northern California, I can confirm that batty indulgent behavior (no "u" here) is rampant, particularly among people who have dogs.

7:46 pm  

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