Monday, January 22, 2007

Walk Two Hundred and Seventy-Two – Freezing night

Due to the complicated arrangements around Hugo (my second son) breaking a bone in his foot yesterday it was impossible to walk during the day. I really wasn’t looking forward to walking a mile there and a mile back in the dark and freezing cold (the weather website I use say it’s -2°c and feels like -6°c). Anyway the first thing I did was very quickly sketch this detail of brickwork – and the first person who can tell me the location wins a prize.
Then up the farm track to beyond the Bluebell Wood. With the drawing out of the way I surprised myself by enjoying the walk. Alone in the dark, well wrapped up, looking at the stars. At the one mile point I looked back at the village lights and wondered how on earth my blogging friends Alison and Jana do such a good job of drawing night-time scenes, so for fun I blindly sketched and took notes of what I could see.
Then home, and as I walked through Pound Farm I saw out of the corner of my eye a zebra tethered up. A quick double-take and I realised it was a horse wearing a stripy coat. But I think I’m onto a great idea here. What do you think Penny? Wouldn’t it be a glorious sight to see a field of horses wearing zebra-striped coats rather than the dull green or brown ones they normally wear here.


Blogger Tami said...

Your sketches are so full of life! I love looking at them. Thank you for you kind words of support during the decline and loss of my Grandmother. Life should start settling back down next week so that I can get back to drawing and sketching.

3:33 am  
Blogger Alison said...

I love the scribbly one - it reminds me of the embroideries of Tilleke Schwarz
I hope Hugo's foot is OK soon

6:13 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely a pub, I don't know the names of the ones in your locality, perhaps The Michelangelo and Rhubarb? Do I win a prize?

10:56 am  
Blogger Jana Bouc said...

Zebras in England! What a walk you had! What makes my drawing at night (and walking) easier is my cool little headband/headlight. Without it I couldn't see colors...and don't forget my night painting has all been from the comfort of my car. I like the interesting designs and look like aboriginal art. For a moment I thought I was on Alison's blog.

6:47 am  
Blogger Katherine said...

I love the idea of horses with zebra coats!

6:56 pm  

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