Friday, January 26, 2007

Walk Two Hundred and Seventy-Six – Two fields

I was too busy with work to walk at lunch-time. Due to a client call I only had five minutes to make Xavier’s packed lunch of tuna-mayonnaise and cucumber sandwiches and natural yoghurt mixed with a little strawberry jam (together with the home-made strawberry yoghurt label that he likes me to draw and stick on the top!). We’ve re-arranged his timetable so he can take his lunchbox and go to lunch club once a week. So I was able to take a much shorter than usual lunch break, drop him off, get home, continue work and save my walk for the evening before making supper. Robin’s Auntie Di has been magnificent, helping out with driving broken-footed Hugo back and forth. Quite honestly I think this mile from home project has been great because the one way I can guarantee being able to draw without interruptions or demands from husband or one of the four children, is to get myself a mile away from home, out of earshot.
This was my second drawing en route to the bluebell wood. The first was a fairly dire attempt at one of the ‘pigs’ grazing in the fields.

200mm x 145mm pen in small cartridge sketchbook


Blogger Alison said...

I'm very fond of this black and white minimalist style - it's still so expressive. I love the idea of home made labels for Xavier's yoghurt - soon all the kids will wanting it! :)

9:30 am  

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