Sunday, April 15, 2007

Walk Three Hundred and Fifty-Four – Annual bluebell lunch

Sunday lunch with friends and then a walk up to the bluebell wood. This was another of my quick walking, talking, sketching, painting pieces. Natalie (who has much longer legs than this poor picture conveys) was giving Xavier a tow with the red dog-lead. However although the legs aren’t right, seeing Natalie from behind is a very characteristic view, as her long legs mean that she is always striding ahead of everyone else.


Blogger Cheryl Renee said...

Hi Julie,
This was a great project and I am seriously thinking of doing the same idea. I post most days to
My sister and I have a creative blog together. Thank you for your lovely work - I like your style a lot!
Cheryl Renee in Seattle

8:14 am  

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