Sunday, March 25, 2007

Walk Three Hundred and Thirty-Four – Xavier in the bluebell wood

Tom baked cakes with Xavier while I tried to work and then I took Xavier to the bluebell wood while Tom caught up with homework. When Xavier needs the toilet and help with cleaning himself he usually says ‘Mummy, I want to whisper something in your ear’ – even if there’s no-one around. As I only had a couple of tissues, stained with watercolour, in my pocket, I was relieved when this turned out to be a false alarm. The wood was full of wood anemones and even a few very early bluebells could be seen. Last year, I see in this blog, it was late April before the flowers were at this stage, all that mild weather over winter I assume.
Pen and watercolour in small sketchbook


Blogger Alison said...

These snapshots are delightful - it's great that he was wearing a red coat for the outing. "I want to whisper..." How funny - better than one of my kids though, who didn't bother with any cleaning and then hid or threw the mucky underpants away!

1:16 pm  

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