Monday, March 19, 2007

Walk Three Hundred and Twenty-Eight – Clouds before the snow


What a lot of weather today! Bright sunshine and clear skies this morning. The clouds started to build up and at lunch time, when I sketched this, at the woodland park, the wind was blowing at quite a pace. Then in the afternoon we had a hail downpour, followed by a period of relative calm and then a flurry of snow as dusk fell. And you wonder why English people spend so much of their time talking about the weather.

410mm x 130mm watercolour in moleskine watercolour sketchbook


Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Well, you never get bored with the weather over there! All the seasons in one day. That's what they say about Melbourne.
I don't paint skies much - find it difficult, but must have a go soon.
I'm feeling better, after getting some expensive cough medicine from the chemist,I'm now on the mend. Peceli was so irritated by my hacking coughing that he insisted I take one puff of the Ventilin prescribed by the doctor - which I had refused to use. And it send me off into dreamland within fifteen minutes. Is that supposed to happen?

12:32 am  

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