Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Walk Three Hundred and Fifty-Six – The allotments

On Sunday, my friends Natalie and Katie told us that they’ve rented an allotment, so as I wasn't aware of their existence tucked away behind Fairshot Court, I decided to walk in that direction this evening to see them. It was a heavenly spot, at the end of a track, through a gate and surrounded on three sides by fields with no-name wood in the distance. As it was Wednesday, you could hear the bell ringers at St Leonard’s church practicing. There were two people tending to their vegetables, and as I started to sketch they warned me that they were about to finish and lock up in five or ten minutes so just a rough impression of the rhubarb, plants and fields beyond. My own garden is shamefully neglected so there’s no chance of me being able to take on an allotment, at the moment, but maybe when I’m not so busy raising four children, I could think about raising my own fruit and vegetables and spending time in this gorgeous spot.
200mm x 145mm pen and watercolour in small sketchbook


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it will probably be a golf course by then

5:55 pm  
Blogger Penny said...

I have always found allotments fascinating, I remember our first trip to the UK in 1971 and seeing them out of the train windows, ever since then we have had a car so no lookng over back fences or at allotments. I still look over back fences in Melbourne from the train when I am there.

1:03 am  

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