Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Walk One Hundred and Seventy-Six – One for sorrow

Sometimes life seems to be all about trying to keep the chaos at bay. And I suspect it’s like that for everyone — even if they look as if they have everything under control. Well, at least I hope that I’m not the only one who is struggling constantly to create harmony and order in my life.

I sketched this magpie in the woodland park as I did my lunchtime nursery walk. I’ve always felt a guilty pleasure seeing beautiful magpies in my garden as I’ve been told I shouldn’t welcome them as they’re the thugs and gangsters of the garden bird world. So I was pleased to read this

Magpies are despised by almost everyone owing to being wrongly blamed for the widespread decline in many of our songbirds by preying on their eggs and nestlings. In fact, many of our songbirds are in decline owing to poor survival rates after leaving the nest, which has nothing to do with the Magpies. Also, Jays are responsible for taking as many eggs and nestlings as the Magpies, but do so less conspicuously and without blame.

so now I can continue to enjoy them. For more interesting facts about British garden birds (including incredibly useful recordings of birdsong) go to


Blogger Tami said...

I have that same thing going on with the bluejays, I really like them because they are such "in your face" type birds, however, they can be real pests, too!

7:57 am  
Blogger Alison said...

Strangely, I can't see any picture - well, I'm having problems loading pictures on blogger too. Yes, sometimes keeping chaos at bay does sometimes seem all there is, or at least to dominate - I suspect you're in for a bit more with your family size and age structure - teens only seem to get more expensive and need more chauffeuring but perhaps Xavier will soon be easier.

1:21 pm  
Anonymous zephyr said... gets so out of control i feel like i'm slipping around on ice (i do not know how to skate) trying not to fall and break something critical that will immobilize me and then ALL will collapse!
and then there are those graphtints and the frustration level elevates one more notch if not more!
loved looking and listening to the bird i have ones for birds where i live in the states. one of the best uses of the internet for naturalists and gardeners, i think.

4:27 pm  

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