Monday, October 30, 2006

Walk One Hundred and Eighty-Eight – I feel a rant coming on

When I go for my walks I have to evade steaming piles of horse manure, churned up mud, nettles, occasional dog poo and brambles but this is what drives me absolutely beside myself with fury. Well intentioned town dwellers taking their dogs for a walk in the country. They go armed with dog poo bags and as they walk they pick up what their dog leaves behind. However surprise, surprise, the countryside doesn’t have dog poo bins every hundred yards, and then they get sick of carrying their little bags so they toss them into the hedgerow, to stay preserved for months and months and months. IT IS MUCH MORE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND COMMUNITY SPIRITED TO LET YOUR DOG CRAP DISSOLVE IN THE RAIN!
There now I feel better! And I’ll have you know that I was the dog poo fairy this evening and I took this and two other bags home to my own bin this evening.


Blogger Tami said...

Wow, Julie! Great drawing for such negative feelings! That really is irresponsible, I can see why you're pissed.

7:43 pm  
Blogger Penny said...

Hmm, at least I have miles of paddocks to let them do their own thing, but I do occasionaly tread in a sloppy cow poo and am not pleased! Love the drawing.

11:25 pm  
Blogger Lindsay said...

I agree with you!! THis is outrageous. And I'd like to add my own environmental rant: People on the commuter trains just clean out thier pockets or purses and leave the trash on the floor of the train!! They would not do that in thier own living room! Why do people think public spaces are any different from thier own homes???? We share our planet....There I feel better too. Thanks for the chance to unload. Really good bag- o- poo drawing too.

1:13 am  
Blogger Katherine said...

I'm so glad I can't see the drawing! Yesterday's looks nice though!

1:14 am  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

Just in case it's not clear I'm not advocating leaving dog poo on the pavements, streets and parks – us dog owners should pick up the horrible stuff - it's just that this is the worst of all worlds.

8:18 am  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

Lindsay I have a dangerous tendency to feel it is my duty to intervene when I see people do this sort of thing. And it is dangerous, a couple of years ago I asked some teenage girls to pick up strawberry hulls that they were littering over a shop floor as they ate the strawberries and they followed me around town threatening me. I can only hope that later on without the bravado of being part of a gang that they felt ashamed of their behaviour.

8:32 am  
Blogger Alison said...

Yes, great drawing - and absolutely justified rant. I too have thought of sketching all the rubbish I see - perhaps I will

10:41 am  
Blogger Jana Bouc said...

I love your rants and your drawings. Some people are just so ignorant! When I first saw the drawing I was so curious what it was. I was thinking the wrappings held a special gift of some sort. Did you ever see the Seinfeld TV show where he goes on about if Martians saw people with dogs they'd think the dogs ruled the world since they walk with people following them on tethers who pick up their poops, wrap them and carry them for them.

3:23 pm  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

Alison, the funny thing is how rubbish drawn can become transformed into something quite lovely. Jana that is so funny. Seinfeld was only ever on TV here far too late at night for me to stay up to watch it, so it kind of passed me by.

4:06 pm  
Blogger Lindsay said...

Julie, how brave of you! I thought about telling this guy in a suit "excuse me, sir, you dropped something" in a pleasant voice. Will try next time. Note to self: do not say this to teens!

8:22 pm  
Blogger Felicity said...

Your pen drawings are really good - even bags of dog poo!! Yes, I agree, it's totally ridiculous, I wonder what reasoning goes on in their heads! It's interesting to see the trends that you have with regard to materials and I'm so in awe that you commited to your walk a day and stuck with it.

2:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are just delightful. Fancy drawing a bag of dog-poo.Good to see the yin and the yang of the daily walks, annoying and infuriating as it is!

8:44 am  
Blogger andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

I couldn't agree more and have ranted on this subject many times myself. I mean WHY BOTHER? Why bother taking the poo-bag in the first place?? I don't get it? They go to the effort of taking one out with them, they go to the effort of putting it in the bag??? It annoys me so much. I just cannot get my head around it at all - and I see it all the time here in the Peak District. They probably are so stupid that they think they are still 'doing their bit'.AAAAaaaagh it drives me crazy.
Nice sketch by the way!

11:42 am  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

Poo-bag ranters unite

11:18 pm  

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