Monday, August 21, 2006

Walk/Swim/Sail One Hundred and Nineteen – Ermioni to Leonidhion passing Spetse

After a quick provisions walk in Ermioni, we set off. We sailed by the island of Spetse, which is the setting for John Fowles’ book The Magus. He taught at a boys boarding school there staffed by British Council suppplied teachers. The main town is notable for having no cars – transport is horse and carriage, mopeds or quad bikes.
The wind died down to such an extent that we were all able to swim in the sea for some time without fear of the boat sailing off. We then gave up on the wind, put on the motor and joy – as we neared the distinctive profile of the land near Leonidhion, we spotted dolphins.
As usual we swam again as soon as we had moored up in the harbour and the boys had fun pootling around with the dinghy and outboard. The swimming will have to make up for my inability to walk miles in this heat.
Dominated by huge mountains, Leonidhion is a tiny two taverna harbour with bitter rivalry between the owners. So rather than give all the custom of the flotilla fleet to one taverna, we had a punch party on the pebbly beach at sunset together and then made our choice of taverna.
For pictures of Spetse and Leonidhion, look at my other blog.


Blogger Penny said...

Lovely to have you home and to see where you have been, I am very envious!. Blogger wouldnt let me post yesterday.

11:09 pm  
Blogger Alison said...

Oh, I think this is marvellous - I love the sparkling water and the lessening intensity of the blues as the picture recedes.

12:16 am  
Anonymous Laura said...

This was one of those Calling the Husband to Look at the Screen occasions! Just gorgeous in every way, this sketch---those celestial blues, especially, those glints of light!

4:22 pm  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

Penny, we were so lucky, it was worth skipping a holiday one year to be able to go.

Alison the heat haze was helpful at simplifying things.

Laura, I envy you your husband - my Calling the Husband to Look at the Screen occasions are usually to view some kind of juvenile humour video involving bodily functions!

10:46 pm  

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