Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Walk One Hundred and Seven – Harvest time

Lovely long walk with Flo. I persuaded her to pose and sit down in the wheat stubble as she was far more interesting to draw than anything else I could see. She’s getting anxious/excited about her forthcoming GCSE results. I said the funny thing about these first important exams is that you will remember the exact grades you received for the rest of your life. It’s highly probable that aged 90 you’ll still be annoyed that you got a ‘C’ for French when you thought you deserved a ‘B’.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh, I absolutely love this blog. Thank you so much for doing it. I LOVE the basic idea, and can't wait to check in to see what each day brings. Thank you.

1:23 am  
Anonymous rachel said...

Please DONT remind me of my O Level results!

5:41 am  
Blogger Jana Bouc said...

Your work is so incredibly fine. Each of these little sketches are perfect little paintings. Do you also paint larger paintings? Do you hang, show or sell the sketches or just leave them in your sketchbook?

I realized when I visited your blog tonight that I hadn't been here since mid-July. I'm going to take the laptop to bed so that I can catch up on your blog as my bedtime reading.

In case you received the previous comment that I left and then deleted, please forgive my sleepy late night confusion about some nightime sketches which were actually Allison's. From you I've learned so much about painting grasses that always mystified me in the past, and so much else. THANK YOU for your wonderful paintings that enrich my life by seeing them.

7:01 am  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

anonymous, welcome and I'm so glad you're enjoying my little journeys.
Ha ha Rachel, you were always good at doing just enough
Jana, I make my living as a graphic designer, including some illustration work, but this is art for pleasure and no compromises for clients. If I had the time, space and money I would spend more time producing larger paintings, but this is what I can fit into my life at present. If something starts off in a sketchbook it stays there. I don't sell the originals, although I have created originals as gifts for close friends – I do sell high quality giclée signed prints.

8:57 am  
Blogger Alison said...

Beautiful - you've caught the 'waiting' - waiting for her results and for you to do the sketch -against a lovely background

11:21 am  
Blogger Katherine said...

Hi Julie - I'm finally getting back to posting on other people's blogs after being away.

You never said a truer word about the examn grades - I can receite all mine right now. Mind you I did get mixed up as to which day they came out and had the delight of not having to woirry about them as I'd reserved that for the night before - which never happened.

5:34 pm  
Blogger Tami said...

Wow! I love all of you walking sketches but this one is definately battling for "best"!

9:51 pm  
Blogger Julie Oakley said...

Alison, thanks.
Katherine glad you're back
Tami, I'm so glad you like it, but don't you think that as soon as you put a person into a picture it resonates in a way that pictures without people just can't?

5:49 pm  
Blogger Felicity said...

How true is that! I think this portrait is just beautiful!

10:00 am  

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